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Monday, February 9, 2009

The Dolphin

Because I always bother M to give me a massage (yeah, he now thinks I'm worst than his grandpa), he was left with no choice but agree when I pointed this gadget out in Carrefour.

This is an incredible buy at 200 CNY ~ $30. Infrared heating on the dolphin's head for maximum soothing comfort.

The massager als comes with 4 different nozzles that is best suited in targeting different parts of the body. There is a spine/back massager (square head), leg massager (the two antennae), a shoulder puncturer (the nipple), and the feet tickler (the porcupine).

I found out that the antenna is also suited for massaging the ass part and I think it can help remove cellulites. The nipple is also suited for forearms to relieve the pressure after holding the massager for a long time.

Anyway, this is indeed a great buy and we don't regret spending the money.

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expatudon08 said...

i like the blog keep the good work up and drop back and visit me in Thailand udon thani as lots of expats issan is very inexpensive and the food is great ah the open air lifestyle
china must be a great place to travel i bet it would takes years to see it all if you ever could

Debbie said...

nipples?? really?? LOLZ. Nikou you are amusing!

Althea said...

That's not a vibrator, right? Oh sorry. Just a funny picture.

I'll be visiting Shanghai next week.